I’m Spiritual… But is a one-of-a-kind streaming TV talk show about inclusive spirituality for religious and non-religious spiritual people and seekers of all kinds. Anne Scottlin and Dr. Roger Leslie interview spiritual trail-blazers and inclusive spiritual leaders about their personal journeys and how we each can embrace our own abundant spiritual wellbeing.
Meet The Hosts
Anne Scottlin, MA, CPC
Anne Scottlin, MA, CPC is a spiritual teacher, global impact strategist, award-winning author and actress. Anne grew up in an isolated and extreme religious environment and shares her convoluted spiritual journey from homeschool to Hollywood. Among her degrees she has a BA in Religious Studies, and a Masters degree in history with an emphasis on the historical interaction between Muslim, Jewish and Christian cultures in the Mediterranean and Europe. She is an active humanitarian and travels the world encouraging compassion and connectivity–as she says, “Humanity is my religion.”
Dr. Roger Leslie
Dr. Roger Leslie felt destined to be an author at age 13. Since then, Spirit has guided him along a circuitous path that has included being a teacher, librarian, professor, book reviewer, writing coach, editor, publisher, public speaker, and talk show host. Each role has accelerated his progress of fulfilling a life mission to inspire people to live the life they dream and empower them to know and trust their own Soul.
I like that there is a program that is attempting to provide a middle ground about spirituality that is neutral for those hunting for answers. It is frequently quite difficult to engage with folks in the public space on a topic like this. This program allows a person to listen in a private, discrete way. People need a way to see things from a different perspective without it being threatening.
- Mike Ellerkamp, Montgomery, TX
I just listened to the show! Wow… wow! Got me choked up and emotional. Such a beautiful delivery. You both make your audience feel so at home and comfortable, like we're sitting on your couch having a deep, soul fulfilling conversation. "Going back to the womb" really hit me… having a rebirth and coming alive again…but we get to bring our wisdom and knowledge from our past experiences with us! We get to re-write and redefine what this means for us personally and my definitions aren't more "right" than anyone else's. We are all walking this beautiful path together.
- Melissa Morgan, Loveland, CO
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